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“the greatest teacher will send you back to yourself.”


-nayyirah waheed


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated all the things you said and certainly got a lot out of our sessions. Your purpose of life definition “to grow” has changed my entire life around and removed a lot of pressure I felt to always be happy. And if you only knew the amount of times that I repeated this definition to people when I was talking to them. They all thanked me and felt blessed by my words. Honestly, in my opinion the true reason why I attended the course was to hear your wise words because they really saved me. I wasn’t able to express my gratitude at that time completely. You are such an inspirational and wise person. 



What I learned from Nasar’s mentorship back in 2011 has stayed with me till date. I became a mooting champion at law school because he made me believe that even if I forgot all arguments, I’d still be at the top of my game.  But he didn’t mentor me in a way that I pressured to win. Winning was not important. The struggle, the hard work, the faith in my ability to excel was. He taught me (and I am still learning) that it was essential to tell people how great they were in order for them to BECOME great. Nasar didn’t’ give me a hard time for failing, he only gave me a hard time for having self-doubt. He made sure what exactly my strength and weaknesses were. 

Life coaching with Nasar changed my life. Initially when Nasar asked me to try out a coaching session, I thought I was doing Nasar a favor. After my first session I felt good because it was great to have someone to talk to about stuff that I may not be comfortable talking about to others. As days went by and took more sessions with Nasar, I felt that I can explore different parts of my life and reach new heights that I did not know existed within me. I have learnt to use my power to reach my maximum potential and this is when I realized that I was not doing Nasar a favor but Nasar was doing me one.





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